In about a hour (well 73 minutes to be precise) I will be on holidays. Nine glorious days off work. It’s only been 4 months since my last holiday – which, incidentally was 6 weeks long – but I SOOoo feel like I need this break. I’m exhausted!

In the morning we fly out: Sydney – Christchurch. We are hiring a car for the week, complete with snow chains and a GPS and we are going to explore the South Island, which is soon to be our home. I’m hoping it is as beautiful as I remember; as beautiful as it was when we were there for a week four months ago. I’ve made us some roadtrip CDs (another thing to cross off my 101/1001 list) a different themed CD for each day we are on the road, I’m pretty impressed with them actually and I can’t wait to get out on the road, amidst the glorious south island scenery with the music playing and nowhere to be.. That’s my idea of heaven!

If I ever make you a CD – and if you know me IRL then chances are either I have or I will – then you should know that when I make a CD it’s not just a matter of chucking a few favourites in a playlist and hitting ‘burn’.. for me, making a mixed CD is an artform (though, admittedly not as much of an artform as making a mixed tape once was!). On average I will spend at least 3 hours per CD, thinking about a theme, choosing songs, checking lyrics, making sure each song flows perfectly into the next and that the whole track listing is balanced and complete… making the perfect CD is relaxation to me, like meditation.

So, needless to say each one of our NZ Roadtrip CDs is quite the masterpiece – even if I do say so myself! I have 7 CDs, each one themed. Each CD’s theme was decided based on which part of the island we will be exploring on that day and how we would be feeling through each stage of the trip. As well as the theme, every CD starts with an artist from NZ for a bit of local flavor before moving into some of our favourites. Everything from VNV Nation to The Fray from Tori Amos to Crowded House..I’m itching to give them a whirl.. now I just have to pray that our hire car has a CD player, otherwise it will all be for nothing!

I’ll be sure to take about a billion photos during the next week, and hopefully I’ll have time to update along the way, if not I’m sure I’ll be logging in in just over a weeks time to show off some photography and share a story or two from our little holiday. For now, though I really need to stop updating, and finish tying off all the work type loose ends before I can walk out of here for the day and start holidaying it up!