Well I am into my second day of retirement and so far I’m having a blast, even though I’m not sure it can technically be called retirement yet since it kind of feels just like any other weekend. My last day at work was Friday, all the work gang came into the office to say goodbye, we had a vegetarian pot luck in the office – even though I am the only vegetarian in the team – so lovely. They bought bubbly (and sparkling water for me since I don’t really drink) and showered me with gifts of world music and fair trade chocolate and cash to help us on our way. It was really nice and I felt very loved, especially after reading my farewell card which was filled with so many beautiful messages.

Since my last post we have managed to sell all the things we were worrying about getting a buyer for, our fridge is with it’s new owners and our washing machine is due to be picked up this morning, we finally got a buyer for our car yesterday which was our biggest concern over the last few weeks since we need the funds from that sale to buy a new car once we get to New Zealand. We had contacted a few dealers all of whom laughed in our faces at the price we were asking, and offered us less than half – car salesmen suck, you just know they are going to sell it for double what we were asking! – but in the end we got our asking price so we are really happy about that.

I’m pretty stoked that I only have one more night on this miserable inflatable mattress. Tomorrow night we are heading out to a hotel near the airport where we are going to sleep in a king size bed and eat room service. It will be our last night in Australia. On Tuesday we officially become expats.

Our stuff has officially left Australia which is good news, unfortunately we were expecting it to arrive at our house on the 6th and it looks like it won’t even be arriving in New Zealand until the 7th and then we have to wait up to 14 days from there. It’s a bit frustrating and I was pretty stressed about having to pull out the inflatable mattress again at the other end, especially since it is 10 degrees colder in New Zealand at the moment, but I contacted the owners of the Caravan Park in Kingston and they were nice enough to set us up in a cabin there for a really good price so now we will be sleeping in style while we wait out customs.. what a relief!

On the day zero front I’ve been making a little head way – but not much. Today I signed up and released my first book on bookcrossing which is a bit fun, I’m looking forward to seeing where it turns up. I ate another ‘meal’ outside earlier this week when my lovely husband bought crepes and lattes to the park and we had a picnic in the sun. I attempted to give blood, but was turned away when the nurse found out I was trying to conceive (darnit!) so that one might have to wait a while, hopefully there is a blood bank in Queenstown otherwise I might have to make a special trip somewhere to tick that one off. I’m pretty excited about getting to NZ and finally being able to cross Number 1 off the list, it’s taken a lot of work, and a lot of time, so I’m looking forward to being able to mark that one off!

I had the unpleasant experience this week of having an internal ultrasound as part of the TTC dramas we’ve been having, everything seems to be in order which is a bit of a relief. The expected cysts were there in force – 10 on my right ovary and 12 on my left – but I was more concerned about finding something worse during the course of the test so while the cysts are disheartening they aren’t devastating. I’m pretty sure that I can get around them with some focus on my diet in the coming months and if not then we should be able to find a fertility specialist in New Zealand who can prescribe some ovulation stimulation drugs which should help.. At least now I know that I don’t have any bigger hurdles to face just yet and that is a bit of a relief.

Anyway, that is our update this week. Hopefully before long we’ll be settled in our new house and there will be time enough for proper updates and photos and lots more day zero progress.