We’re here! We’re finally here!! After what seems like at least a year of planning – though in reality it has only been 12 weeks! – we are officially expats! We have handed in our keys to our Matson flat and we are here! Our flight landed at 3pm local time yesterday afternoon, so we have officially been New Zealand residents for just over 24 hours. Getting through customs was a bit of fun, the look on the guys face when hubby’s backpack was scanned was pretty priceless. They made him open up his pack and show them everything in it, but the chef pants and jackets helped to explain the 16 razor sharp knives in there. All in all it was pretty painless, that is one of the great things about flying into Queenstown, it’s such a small international airport that we had gone through customs and picked up our bags in less than 30 minutes!

On the way to our hotel we were pretty thrilled to discover that the driver of our shuttle bus from the airport was a fellow ‘Kingstoner’, the village we are moving to is called Kingston, and has a total population of about 200 so having the first person we speak to be one of them was pretty great. He was very friendly and it made us feel very excited about finally getting settled in town. For now though, we are camped out in a hotel in the ‘city’. Hubby had an interview this afternoon and is heading in for a trial tomorrow afternoon/evening. He is pretty nervous but hopefully it all goes smoothly. It doesn’t matter either way at this point, we have enough savings that he doesn’t need to be worrying about finding a job within the first few days, but he is a bit of a workaholic so it’s to be expected that he would be organised already.

As of about 20 minutes ago we even have a car! A green, second hand, Subaru.. she is yet to be named but I expect that to be remedied by this time tomorrow. The plan is to take her (and all our luggage) out to the house tomorrow, along with any initial supplies. We won’t be moving in until the rest of our stuff arrives, which probably isn’t going to be for at least another week, but it will be nice to be at least part way into the house. It will make this whole bizarre experience a little less surreal!

Anyway, moving to New Zealand was number one on my 101/1001 list so I’m happy to be able to cross that off. I’ve also crossed off two other things:

#50: Get rid of my TV (we left it in Sydney!)
#69: Get rid of 101 things that I don’t use or need (the final number was well over 101 things!)

I have partly crossed off #88 (Save and keep $1000 in an ‘emergency’ savings account). I have the $1000 (and then some) sitting in my account at the moment. I would like to keep it in there until at least the new year before I can officially call that one completed.

Anyway, that is the update from me today. Until my next update, here is a photo of the view from our hotel room.. this is what we woke up to this morning, and what a great way to wake up!