So we’ve made the move into Kingston, our little village of 200 people. Our furniture is still being held up by customs so until it’s ready at the house we are holed up in a cabin in the Kingston Caravan Park. It’s cold and the bed is small and uncomfortable and I’m more impatient than ever to get our stuff back.. I feel like we are just on the precipice of finally being done with the long process that has been this move and I’m SO ready for it to be over.

Today was the first day that the enormity of what we have done really started to hit me. I was installing the wireless internet at the new house (this is VERY important!!) and Duane, the firewood guy – who has been in Kingston for a decade but is yet to be considered a ‘local’ – came by to drop off some firewood for us. We chatted as we helped him unload it off the truck and then off he went leaving us to move it from the side driveway around into the backyard and get it all stacked up under the wood shelter. It was quite an experience, hurling chunks of wood from one end of the yard to the other in preparation for the cold nights to come. It seems like such a small thing, firewood for the fire, but really it is the embodiment of so many things that are changing for us at the moment.

It’s a daunting feeling, but wonderful too.

Tomorrow I’d like to head into town.. either Queenstown or Invercargill, to feel like I’m part of the world again, this small town living is going to take some time to get used to, that is for sure!