This weeks mini goals :

  1. make the bed every day
  2. write 5 name your tale style stories
  3. read 1 book from my 101/1001 list
  4. learn how to do 3 things in Gimp
  5. get a quote for the new tattoo
  6. send out one book on bookcrossing
  7. meditate
  8. buy some seedlings to get the veggie patch started
  9. write 3 letters and post them off
  10. have one vegan day
  11. do 5 things on Keri’s list
  12. finish unpacking the spare room
  13. post off some postcrossing postcards
  14. get started on the challenge
  15. find out where to learn how to sew

Week start is tomorrow (which is technically our Sunday.. weird I know) deadline is Tuesday 8th September.