This one was an easy one for me, it’s not like I have hundreds of pairs of shoes in my closet all competing for the title of my favourite. In fact I have 5 pairs, which is more than I’ve had in my life. I have a pair of docs which I bought to replace my old pair which were literally falling off my feet after 7 years of wear and aren’t quite into comfy stages of broken-in-ness. I have my black tevos which I wore for an entire six months while backpacking through Asia and only come out in summertime. I have a pair of brown flat sandals which are my happy summer sandals and always remind me of buying summer fruits at the farmers market because I wore them every Saturday through summer last year, I have a pair of black runners which were my work shoes and which now I wear when I am heading out to get fire wood – because I can put them on by just shoving my feet inside.

Last but not least, the shoes which hold the title.. my absolute favourite.. my purple cons. I’ve never had a comfier pair of shoes than cons.. you don’t have to wear them in or worry about blisters, they just fit and are comfy from the first time you ever put them on. When I bought these I agonised over the colour.. and although I was very close to getting black – like practically everything else I own – I decided that I needed some colour in my life and I’m so happy I went with purple.. I feel so festive every time I put them on. They are my every day shoe, my happy shoe, my celebration shoe. They are other people’s celebration shoe too. In town a couple of weeks ago, I was stopped in the street by a bunch of scavenger hunting canadian boys (the snowfields were closed that day) who were so excited because they had on their list “a person with dreadlocks and purple shoes” they couldn’t believe their luck to find me! Anyway, without further ado, my favourite shoes:


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