After doing yesterday’s up challenge I found myself seeing the world from a different perspective today.. as a result, I stumbled across this shot and I just couldn’t resist taking the pic for you to see..


Today was a good day, it’s warming up here finally which means we were able to sit by the lake and have some lunch without our lips turning blue. We took a drive into Queenstown for my Bowen Therapy appointment, normally the drive takes 30 minutes but we were on the road for much longer than that today because we were stuck behind thousands of sheep! What an experience that was! I never quite understood just how ‘rural’ we were until then! Luckily we had some Ani DiFranco rocking in the car and a really incredible view to look at so we didn’t mind the wait!



We got some take away pizza and had lunch by the lake in town. I only really get the chance to head into Queenstown once a week so it’s always a bit strange to go from not really seeing anyone all week and then being surrounded by holidaymakers. I quite like it though and I like feeling each week like I am becoming more and more of a local.


I had my third Bowen Therapy appointment this afternoon. I feel very strange about the whole thing, I always thought it would make a difference in how I felt but I wasn’t quite prepared for just how intensely I would feel ‘different’ after each therapy. At first it really was just an avoidance technique. I didn’t want to have to go and see a “real” doctor about this fertility stuff, and I didn’t like the idea of having to take prescription drugs to get things in order so I figured I would see an alternative practitioner, not really because I thought they would suddenly make me fertile but because it would give me more time for my body to fix itself, without me feeling like I was in denial and not doing anything about the problem.. Anyway, the Bowen has been amazing, I am still shocked each time I leave Jan’s house at how affected I feel by it. Now, I’m really beginning to think that it might actually work, but even if it doesn’t work for that particular problem it has already made a huge difference in my moods – I’m like Zen Master calm now – and my sleeping patterns and the neck aches I was having, my digestion is better, and best of all, I come out of that place feeling like I’m on cloud nine.. and yet somehow, it’s drug free! I’d highly recommend it! And Jan, the Bowen Practitioner, is like this middle aged hippie angel woman, so calm and serene and beautiful, just walking in her house makes me feel at peace.. I want to adopt her as my NZ mother!

I hope my actual mother doesn’t read that and get offended..

Okay, I’m off to light the fire, I just thought it was about time I actually updated this blog instead of just sticking photos in it!