I want to blog about this..  tricky right?

So in that spirit, I’m writing a post without you know what, such a difficult task but good as inspiration for my lazy blog with no posts for too long, bad girl!

So, what to say? It’s still cold, snowy too, but I bought wood from Mr local wood guy so that is good, I was down to my last log. Sun is shining now though, It’s a glorious day in Kingston, and with daylight savings on Sunday, my days last past six pm.

I was a bit down, but today I’m happy.. day by day right? Lots of books and TV shows on DVD and sitting by our window looking at our mountains.. can’t complain about that!

Got my thinksport in my PO Box – no nasty BPA’s. Yay for that! So long you nasty Sigg!

I did finally apply to uni.. a BA at a school in Australia, just waiting to find out if loan guys will pay, if not, plan b, which is? A class that I can’t say without words that contain you know what. Book publishing, proofing, that kind of thing. Should find out this month.

Hubby is having fun at work, got a bit of a pay bump, thank god for that! Too poor for too long! Our savings could not support us without it.

Anyway, my brain hurts from this lack of you know whats so I will go now.