I was pretty disappointed when October ticked over and I still hadn’t managed to see my first snow. Each morning I wake up and check the mountains to see if there has been snow overnight, and over the last few weeks it was really starting to seem like the winter was actually over. It doesn’t snow a lot here in our lovely little town. At 1028m above sea level, we aren’t quite high enough for regular snowfalls and I’d given up hoping. But then last night, at about 1am, my phone rang, it was Luke, calling from the car, 100 metres down the road on his way home from work.. he’d already phoned when he had finished work to do the “how was your day/I’m on my way home” conversation so I knew it could only be 2 things.. either he had had a horrible accident and driven the car into the lake (This thought plagues me most nights).. or, it was snowing!! I looked up through the skylights above the NikkiNook and sure enough there it was!!

So, naturally I rushed outside in my pyjamas, camera in hand. I didn’t manage to get any good photos of the snow, it was dark afterall and the cold was making my camera temperamental but here is what I did managed to get:

It was so beautiful!! We stood outside for ages letting the snow fall in our eyes, I caught snowflakes on my tongue and danced around in my pyjamas in the moonlight.. Eventually the cold became too much for us and we migrated inside and huddled by the fire and watched it fall from there but I have to say that it was one of the most fabulous nights EVER! I’m so easily pleased aren’t I?

Since Luke and I don’t usually go to bed before 2 or 3 we generally sleep really late, but this morning I made an effort to get up early to take some photos:



Anyway that’s all from me for now.. I’m off to light the fire and hope for more snow today so I can take some daylight photos!