So I learnt this afternoon via Sharni over at Chronicles of Sharnia that once you do 100 posts in your blog you are meant to do a ‘100 things about me’ blog post. Well I’m not up to 100 blog posts yet, I’m actually only up to 55 but if you add my 55 here and my 36 over at my vegetarian foodie blog, then that still doesn’t get us to 100 but it does get us to 91 so i’m going to do a 91 things about me post instead.. mainly because I don’t really have anything else to talk about it and it’s kind of sad that the only updates I have on the blog for the last little while are blog this challenges..

So here goes – try not to fall alseep!

  1. I have two middle names – Judy and Ruth, after my Nan and my Great Grandmother
  2. I am really afraid of meeting new people – but I’m working on it
  3. I cried when I watched the ‘killroom’ scene in Fast Food Nation – a lot!
  4. When I tried to tell 2 different people about the movie I cried again (it was very embarrassing)
  5. I have 52.66 GB of music on my laptop
  6. I am sometimes afraid of the dark
  7. I have 40 dreadlocks (I just counted them then)
  8. Last week I didn’t leave the house once (agoraphobia anyone?)
  9. When I have a really happy moment in my life I take a mental photograph to help me remember it
  10. I really want to go to the World Rainbow Gathering in Dec/Jan
  11. My most played song in itunes is “Don’t Look Away” by Joshua Radin
  12. I don’t really know why though since it’s not even a favourite song
  13. I’m about to start taking Clomid – a fertility drug – and I’m really nervous about it
  14. But I’m more nervous about what will happen next if it doesn’t work
  15. My favourite number is 23
  16. Whenever someone calls me, I think it is because they have bad news
  17. Sometimes when people knock on my door, I pretend not to be home
  18. If we have a daughter I will implement a no pink rule
  19. If we have a son the pink rule won’t apply
  20. I am allergic to onion
  21. I am addicted to making lists (can you tell?)
  22. I only like pink lady apples
  23. When I am at home I check my email at least 100 times a day
  24. I took sick days from work so that I could read the Twilight series in peace
  25. I would rather be fluffy than shaved
  26. I like my brothers wife more than I like my brother (sorry BJ)
  27. I love thunderstorms
  28. If I find a spider inside, I take it outside instead of killing it
  29. I don’t believe in capital punishment
  30. I am really struggling coming up with more things to put on this list
  31. I don’t know how to drive
  32. I like to lie on the floor and listen to my ipod
  33. Sometimes I miss eating meat
  34. I am afraid of the day I see **** again
  35. Melbourne is my favourite city
  36. I can really see the benefits of polygamy
  37. If I ever publish a book I will use a pseudonym and will probably keep it a secret
  38. The only “famous” person I ever met was Ben Unwin who played Jessie in Home and Away
  39. We were partners for an assignment at uni and had to do a presentation together
  40. When I used to say that I never wanted to get married or have kids I really thought I meant it
  41. I am truly shocked that there are people in the world who are against same sex marriages – what is the big deal?
  42. I really love living in New Zealand
  43. I find rewatching movies, and rereading books very comforting
  44. My favourite colour is Purple
  45. I used to have my nipples pierced
  46. When we were in Fiji, being evacuated in that tiny boat in the middle of a storm.. I was really scared
  47. I really miss my girls
  48. And sometimes I really don’t know how we all ended up so spread out
  49. I don’t believe in God
  50. This list is putting me to sleep so if you are still reading I am very impressed
  51. I loved the Coppin St sharehouse
  52. My favourite song at the moment is Ryan Adams’ version of Wonderwall
  53. I didn’t do the dishes today
  54. I am an Aries
  55. I really love kids. Babies, toddlers, children, even teenagers, they have something that most adults have lost
  56. I am really proud of my friends, and of the lives we’ve made for ourselves
  57. I chew my nails
  58. I love getting massages
  59. I daydream way too much
  60. I really want to be more assertive
  61. I think my husband is wonderful
  62. The smell of White Musk products from the body shop remind me of my Nan
  63. I miss my Nan
  64. But I really believe that sometimes she visits me
  65. I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up
  66. I don’t wear a watch
  67. I was sexually abused when I was 8 (and for years after by the same man)
  68. I wonder if he is afraid now that I am an adult, that I will come after him
  69. All of my closest friends live really really far away, and I don’t mind because I know we love one another enough
  70. I’m still really mad at Phil for committing suicide
  71. I wish he had called and asked for help
  72. I miss him
  73. I’ve never broken a bone
  74. I’m really quite lazy
  75. I really wish I was thin
  76. It really bugs me that I wish that
  77. Luke calls me chicken
  78. I have a soft spot in my heart for emo boys
  79. I think trees have personalities
  80. People say I eat VERY slowly, but I think I eat at a normal pace
  81. Once I walked into a wall after kissing my now husband, it was very embarrassing
  82. Between us, Luke and I own 448 books
  83. I have seen a dead body
  84. When I first saw Lake Wakatipu I felt like I was home
  85. The only thing I miss about Sydney is Vegan Yum Cha
  86. I think miso soup tastes like people
  87. 80% of the lightglobes in my house are blown out but I can’t reach the roof to change them
  88. While backpacking through Asia we visited a hill tribe family who fed us king cobra
  89. I don’t own a single pair of high heels
  90. I have spent HOURS doing this list
  91. I am VERY happy that it’s over

I bet you are too!!