Oooh, I love this weeks blog this challenge! I am a self confessed Etsy addict so this was a lot of fun!

1. First things first, I would buy myself some beautiful dread bling from Jaz over at Glooart.

Dread-lock Twistie-Twirlie, Fossilized Coral
$12 + $4.95 P+H from Glooart

I have been dreaming of Jaz’ dreadlock art since she first introduced them at her shop.. and there are SO many pieces in her store that I just ADORE, such beautiful colours as well, it’s enough to make any hippie swoon!

2. Next up is an item that I did actually buy, in preparation for reliving my grunge youth at the Pearl Jam concert in Christchurch next month – which I now can’t afford to go to because of our ginormous car repair bill (but that is another story). I am a huge fan of recycled and upcycled clothing and Dawn over at refab just has the most awesome stuff. She totally inspires me, I hope that one day I can learn how to make stuff just like this! This piece was made out of a mens work shirt and it is just adorable! It’s my favourite piece of clothing.

Woodsman in the city shirt
$42 + $5 P+H from refab

3. I have coveted the journals from Kreativlink for a looong time, but so far have managed to restrain myself from actually buying one since I already have a beautiful journal to write in as well as a filofax, but it gets harder and harder to resist! She has some beautiful leather journals, but the cruelty free option for me is the beautiful fabric journals.

Fairy Tree, Painted Fabric Journal
$42 + $8 P+H from Kreativlink

4. Next on the wishlist is these earrings, which I would convert into two necklaces for Kristie and her lovely daughter Tara who were just here in New Zealand visiting us last week. We all took a trip together to visit the glowworm caves in Te Anau and I think this would be a lovely reminder for both of them.. and check it out! The heads even glow in the dark! They so take me back to when I was a kid, I had one of these toy glowworms with the soft body.. he was even green just like these. I’m in love with them!

Glo Worm Earrings
$30 + $4.75 P+H from The Clay Collection

5. and with my last $50 I would buy some beautiful fabric so that I can reupholster my dining room chairs.

Now if only a mysterious $200 would turn up in my bank account!! 🙂