I woke up this morning – well, if we’re being honest, we all know it was actually afternoon right? – and I wandered into the loungeroom in my pyjamas with my dreads all mussy and fluffy. Luke was making us cups of tea and I opened up our curtains and sighed “It’s such a beautiful day!” I heard Luke snigger into the kettle and when I turned around he must have seen my quizzical look because he said “Nikki, you say that every day!!” and he’s right! I do! But it’s freaking gorgeous! How could I not? Even when it is miserable and rainy and windy it is still gorgeous. Seriously, I cannot get enough of this beautiful country!

Yesterday we were driving into Queenstown to do our grocery shopping and I realised half way there that I had left the shopping list sitting on my desk – doh! So, anyway I sent Luke off to go and collect it like the good little husband he is, and I asked him to leave me behind so that I could take some photos of the lovely sights. It was beautiful and sunny and so I found myself a nice little perch on some rocks by the lake – it took a bit of scrambling to get down there but it was worth it! I finally managed to get a shot looking back into Kingston which I’ve been meaning to do since we moved here so that was exciting.. anyway here are some shots of my beautiful town/lake/mountains.. you can’t blame me for being blown away every morning when I open my curtains can you?