With Jaz over at Glooart talking about the best things about Autumn, I thought I would join in the nature love fest and share some springtime love. When we first arrived in New Zealand it was the dead of winter, it was cold.. REALLY cold, and we pretty much set ourselves up for a couple of months of hibernation.. our town, which is very small and very quiet at the best of times, spends winter as a ghost town with all the holiday houses empty and locked up until summer (oh the hard life of having a summer home!). This weekend is the first long weekend of the warmer months and you can really see our little village starting to come alive, speedboats dragging squealing children in rubber tires, kayaks floating across the lake, children walking dogs and adults walking children.. it really gets me excited for the holiday season.

Anyway, as spring blooms around us, it brings warmer weather – oh the joys of sitting outside in the sun! – and with the sun comes glorious flowers.. life abounds!! And here are some photos to prove it!