I’m sitting here in my bedroom (still hiding from the mouse) in my PJs with tears of laughter rolling down my face at this blog post. Sharni over at The Chronicles of Sharnia and I ‘met’ online last week, only to discover that we had actually met each other once in real life in her one horse town over a decade ago and that my ex – who shall only be known only as T-Do to protect the innocent guilty – was an old school buddy of hers. Earlier today Sharni asked for suggestions from her blog readers about some wacky things she could get up to and then write about.. in an effort to get herself out of her – cyberspace – shell..

Obviously from the resulting blog post you can tell what my suggestion was.. when I was dating good ol’ T-Do he would quite often drag me off to this particular one horse town to spend weekends with his parents and the only saving grace of those looong car drives was that at the end of it I would be able to have one of these delicious crab sticks.. it got to the point where the woman in the shop knew my name and order without me having to say a word (sad!).

After T-Do and I went our separate ways in a blaze of angst and broken marriage proposals (and a custody battle about a certain cat) I didn’t make it back to that one horse town, but I have dreamed of those crab sticks! I searched high and low for a suitable replacement and even after becoming a vegetarian I used to talk about them to Luke when as we ate psuedo soy crab sticks at Vegan Yum Cha in Sydney.

So Sharni, thank you very much for this wonderful blog post which has completely and utterly made my day (and I’m even updating my facebook BTAT to prove it!).

Here are some photos (credit to The Chronicles of Sharnia of course!)