This weeks blog this challenge was a bit of a tricky one for me, as soon as I read the challenge I knew what I wanted to photograph, the trick was finding a way to photograph it so that it actually looked decent.

This item was my ‘something old’ at my wedding:



It might sound a little morbid and creepy but it’s actually a small vial which is filled with my Nan’s ashes. When she first died I carried her with me in this little silver vial, as I backpacked all the way around South East Asia (it was always quite stressful when we were heading through customs, I would always worry that I was going to be accused of drug smuggling at any moment!).

On my wedding day we tied the vial to my wedding bouquet and I carried her down the aisle with me as my something old. Being referred to as ‘old’ would have annoyed her so much that it was a bit of an inside joke on the wedding day, and that’s part of the reason why she was the first thing I could think of when I read that the blog this challenge this week was to photograph something old.

These days she sits on my desk, tied to my pen bucket with the white ribbon I used to tie her to my bouquet on my wedding day. It’s a nice physical reminder that she is always with me, even though I don’t believe that she would be any less with me if I didn’t have the vial, it’s a comfort to me though.