I’m supposed to be writing, I’m supposed to be dashing toward the 50K NaNoWriMo finish line, but instead I’m procrastinating. I haven’t written a thing in two days and I’m really annoyed at myself about it. Not really annoyed enough to actually sit down and write though.

Yesterday, in true responsibility-avoiding style, I slept late and then I just had to watch the 6 episodes of Mythbusters and 6 Episodes of Grey’s Anatomy that had been sitting on my hard drive for weeks, and today I cleared out and stored 15gig of old music off the laptop (which took hours!) for absolutely no good reason whatsoever. I don’t even really know why I’m being such a procrastinating fool, I’m LOVING my story and my characters, I know what’s going to happen next so it’s not like I’m struggling with writers block or anything like that – which would at least be a good reason for the lack of words.

Okay, well now that I have that whinge out of my system, I’m going to go and try to write. I would just like to get to 40K today.. that’s not so much to ask is it?