Just a quick update from me to let you all know that I am alive and well. I’ve been drowning headfirst in a sea of NaNoWriMo words and as a result I haven’t had much time for blog updates. The good news is that I am 91% complete (that’s 47060 words for those who are keeping count). What a relief! The problem is that although I’ll be celebrating like crazy once I get to 50K, since I will have officially successfully completed NaNoWriMo, my actual story is still going to be MILES from finished so the celebration will be short lived while I continue to battle through the murk in my brain to get the rest of of the story down on paper (down on screen?).

I’ve really been enjoying the process though. I love the creative energy that has been swirling around here lately and I especially love the energy I get when I’m caught up in the flow of writing. It’s so intoxicating!

Anyway, since I only have 2940 words to go until the magic 50K I should probably get back to it.