Saturday, November 28th, 2009

Earlier this week, Luke and I decided to take a little road trip down to Invercargill, one of the great things about living in such a beautiful country is the joy of the road trip. When we lived in Sydney a road trip would be an entirely different experience, first of all we would spend the first hour struggling through freeways and fighting the traffic before we even got to see a single beautiful thing, these days we are already inundated with beauty before we leave the driveway.

Invercargill itself was kind of boring, aside from being one of the southern-most cities in the world it was really just like any other country town. We had coffee at (the worlds most southern) Starbucks – after unsuccessfully attempting to get soy lattes in a few other cafes and failing miserably – and then spent about 2 hours trying to find a cafe that would serve us vegan food, and then I dragged Luke to the cinema to watch New Moon (for the 2nd time). After the movie ended I tried to get him to watch it with me again before we drove home but he remained adamant that watching New Moon 3 times in the space of a week was NOT part of our marriage contract, and threatened to divorce me if I made him sit through it again, so I reluctantly got into the car and we drove home.

Luckily I am a big believer in that ‘the journey is as important as the destination’ proverb because I really had a great time even though Invercargill itself wasn’t anything to write home about. I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t get more photos especially of the stranger animals that we saw. In one and a half hours from our house we saw the following animals:

An Ostrich!
and various other birds

Pretty amazing huh?? Anyway here are some photos of the day:


I have been furiously struggling with this, and my other WordPress blog, for the past two days, trying to update, but some reason – in spite of all my grumbling and empty threats – I kept getting an incoherent computer speak error. So, unable to post, I was feeling very cut off from the world but then, in the space of a few hours last night I discovered my guest star post over at the Chronicles of Sharnia AND I found out that Sarah over at Yes and Yes, has used one of my photographs in her beautiful 2010 calendar! So now I’m feeling much better about my place in the blog-o-sphere..

..and best of all I’m now able to post again! What did people do before there was internet? Especially the ones that lived in tiny towns in the middle of nowhere??