Earlier this week, Luke and I decided to take a little road trip down to Invercargill, one of the great things about living in such a beautiful country is the joy of the road trip. When we lived in Sydney a road trip would be an entirely different experience, first of all we would spend the first hour struggling through freeways and fighting the traffic before we even got to see a single beautiful thing, these days we are already inundated with beauty before we leave the driveway.

Invercargill itself was kind of boring, aside from being one of the southern-most cities in the world it was really just like any other country town. We had coffee at (the worlds most southern) Starbucks – after unsuccessfully attempting to get soy lattes in a few other cafes and failing miserably – and then spent about 2 hours trying to find a cafe that would serve us vegan food, and then I dragged Luke to the cinema to watch New Moon (for the 2nd time). After the movie ended I tried to get him to watch it with me again before we drove home but he remained adamant that watching New Moon 3 times in the space of a week was NOT part of our marriage contract, and threatened to divorce me if I made him sit through it again, so I reluctantly got into the car and we drove home.

Luckily I am a big believer in that ‘the journey is as important as the destination’ proverb because I really had a great time even though Invercargill itself wasn’t anything to write home about. I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t get more photos especially of the stranger animals that we saw. In one and a half hours from our house we saw the following animals:

An Ostrich!
and various other birds

Pretty amazing huh?? Anyway here are some photos of the day: