This weeks Blog This challenge was a pretty easy one for me. Normally any book challenge has me all a flutter because I have SO many books and I love SO many books that choosing a favourite (or even my favourite 15) is WAY too hard, but earlier this month I got this book in the mail and it is far and away the best book I’ve ever read.

“Eating Animals” by Jonathan Safran Foer

Most of you will already have seen me mention this particular book. My readers who keep up with my other blog will already have heard me go on about it, I did a book review over there about it a couple of weeks ago, if you didn’t hear about it there, perhaps you saw my tweets about how good it was? Or my Tumblr updates with quotes from the book? Or on my facebook account where I declared my undying love for Jonathan Safran Foer, or maybe I just called you or emailed you to tell you that you HAD to read it/buy it/borrow it.. either way, you’ve probably heard me go on about it already.. so I won’t start up all over again, except to say, READ IT, READ IT, READ IT! This book changed my life!