23. Send out at least five books on BookCrossing (3/5)

I had a bit of a genius idea with my bookcrossing books (even if I do say so myself haha).. when I first started my 101/1001 project I sent out two book crossing books relatively quickly but when neither of them were “found” I started feeling a little discouraged and so I hadn’t send any more out into the world since. Then, when my couch surfer asked if he could borrow one of our books, and mail it back wen he was done, I decided to turn it into a bookcrossing book instead and gave it to him, as long as he promised to pass it onto another traveller with their promise to do the same.. fingers crossed that someone joins in the fun and “finds” it on the website!

Have you had any luck with bookcrossing? Was your book found? Did you find one?