January 2010

Another item crossed off my 101/1001 list this morning. Have I mentioned how much I love crossing things off lists?

#25. Sleep under the stars

Last night I set up the hammock on our front porch and camped out with my favourite doona and my ipod packed to the brim with my favourite songs (I can’t fall asleep without music). I lay there for hours looking at the stars, watching the clouds float across the sky and listening to the water lapping on the lake shore, it was lovely. After a while I fired up the pod and rocked myself to sleep in the hammock. And, best of all, I woke up just in time to watch the sun rise over the mountains, what a great way to start the day.

You know your life is pretty boring when the most exciting thing you can think to blog about all week is the fact that you got to pee standing up but as sad and strange as that makes me, I’m excited!

A couple of months ago I was doing some research on female urination devices and after looking at just about every website for these products (who knew there were so many options!) I decided that the one I liked best was the go-girl. I was very excited but then I realised that they didn’t ship to New Zealand from the website, or from Amazon (how frustrating!). I scoured the internet trying to find a way to get the thing delivered to me and in the end decided to contact the company directly and ask them to send me out some samples, preferably in time for our trip to India. And they agreed.

My parcel arrived today! Wahoo!

I was especially happy to see that they included an alternative to the pink packs. I know it’s silly but the whole pink for girls thing really bugs me sometimes, so it’s nice to see they have another color available! Anyway I won’t go into graphic details but I used the go-girl today for the first time and it was great! Who knew peeing standing up would be so much fun! I was a little worried I would end up with pee on my shoes until I got used to the thing but it was really easy to use. The only thing that wasn’t easy was rolling the thing back up to fit back into its little plastic cylinder again. I got there in the end though and I figure with some practice that part will be easy too. Now all I need to do is master using it while on a shaky Indian train and I’ll be set!

LOL. I sound like I’m writing an ad! Just for the record, I didn’t get paid to write this, and the blog entry wasn’t part of the deal for sending the freebies or anything like that! This blog remains an advertisement free zone!

So, any of my readers had the pleasure of peeing standing up? Which device do you use? Any recommendations?

PS: I really wish I had put “peeing standing up” on my 101/1001 list!

Maybe I am watching too many movies lately, but the seagulls that have started hanging around my house the last few days are really starting to creep me out. There are hundreds of them and I’ve no idea where they came from, one day there were none and the next they were everywhere!

I’m hoping that it’s not some kind of animal kingdom sixth sense warning thing about the next big flood, like the way dogs can predict earthquakes. The lake has been steadily rising the last few weeks and I’m really starting to get nervous that we might get flooded out. The last big flood was in 1996 and the water level was so high that our loungeroom was completely submerged – obviously we weren’t living here then, so technically it wasn’t “our” loungeroom but you know what I mean.

The big flood before the last big flood was about 200 years ago though so I’m hoping we have another century or so to go before we really have to start worrying, but I just can’t help but sneak a peak at the water level each time I walk through the house, just in case.

Well our trip to India is still a while away (77 days, not that I’m counting) but I’m just about through with all our planning and booking so I thought I’d do a quick update and tell you all about our plans for the trip:

April 7: Fly from Queenstown – Christchurch and spend the night. We have a meeting with a woman who we are hoping to get a puppy from (did I tell you about our prospective puppy? Oh dear, well I best put that on my to blog list!).

April 8: Fly from Christchurch to Sydney, get some dread maintenance at Furr and then we’re meeting our dear friend Kristie and her daughter Tara for lunch at the Green Gourmet (OMG just typing that there is making my mouth water, I miss that place so much! Go Vegan Yum Cha!!!). Then, in the afternoon we’ll head back to the airport and catch our flight to Mumbai (thank goodness we are both the kind of travellers who can fit everything into a carry on sized backpack otherwise we’d be lugging luggage around with us all day long!).

April 9: We arrive in Mumbai at 02:40 AM!! Ugh! That will be fun! So, arrival in Mumbai, mad dash to the hotel and probably sleeeeeep. (hopefully) I’m sure we’ll wake up at some point and we can ease ourselves into the madness that is Mumbai.

April 10: Explore Mumbai during the day and then jump on our first overnight train and spend the night travelling.

April 11: Arrive in Aurangabad at silly oclock in the morning. We have a car picking us up at the station and taking us out to the Ellora caves.

April 12: Head out to the Ajanta caves.

April 13: Catch a bus to Jalgaon in the morning and spend the day sightseeing before jumping on another overnight train for our very long trip to Varanasi (20hrs).

April 14: Arrive in Varanasi. Relax!

April 15: Take a boat tour down the Ganges and do that whole tourist thing.

April 16: More sightseeing during the day and then another overnight train!

April 17: Arrive in Agra. Relax!

April 18: Visit the Taj Mahal!

April 19: Train to Delhi (day time train this time!)

April 20: Sightseeing in Delhi

April 21: Flight to Goa

April 22 – 25: Relaxing in Goa for 5 days after the mayhem of the first part of the trip!

April 26: Nighttime train back to Mumbai

April 27: Last night in India 😦

April 28: Fly Mumbai – Sydney – Auckland – Christchurch

April 30: Fly Christchurch – Queenstown

Phew! I think it’s going to be pretty hectic!

Who wants a postcard?

Jan 13th and I’m only just getting around to writing my first blog post for the year! What a slacker! 2010 got off to a great albeit slightly belated, start with a glass of champagne with Luke when he got home from work at 1am. Before he got home, I had spent the night skyping with friends all over the place and listening to my favourite songs (and feeling a little sad, if I’m honest!). There were loads of people along the shore of the lake huddled around driftwood fires and setting off firecrackers, it was all very festive. After our glass of champagne to celebrate not only the new year, but also our 7 year anniversary, we snuggled up in bed and watched a movie and then fell asleep.. what party animals we are!

Jan 1st I woke up all motivated and ready to get started on my new years resolution to somehow figure out how to climb the damn mountain near my house and get to the lookout at the top. I figure if I can climb just a little bit further each day then I will eventually get there. I took a photo for you, but it doesn’t seem to truly illustrate just how high that thing is.. oh well,  it will give you an idea!

So for three days I walked and climbed for as long as I could and then had lunch on whichever comfy rock I could find, before walking home, exhausted. So far so good (well except for the fact that I’ve been sick and unable to get out of bed!, back to it tomorrow!).

Jan 3rd was our first wedding anniversary, Luke worked again but when he got home we celebrated with a midnight picnic by the lake which was very lovely, if a little chilly. Summer seems to have passed us by here on the South Island, much to the disappointment of all the summer folk who had plans for a long relaxing summer and have all abandoned their summer houses and headed back home because it’s been so cold.

Jan 4th, after our very lovely midnight moonlit picnic, I promptly fell sick and didn’t get out of bed for days and days and days. Lots of movie watching and herbals teas later, I’m finally feeling half way normal and so here I am finally updating! I hope you are all having a safe new year so far!