Maybe I am watching too many movies lately, but the seagulls that have started hanging around my house the last few days are really starting to creep me out. There are hundreds of them and I’ve no idea where they came from, one day there were none and the next they were everywhere!

I’m hoping that it’s not some kind of animal kingdom sixth sense warning thing about the next big flood, like the way dogs can predict earthquakes. The lake has been steadily rising the last few weeks and I’m really starting to get nervous that we might get flooded out. The last big flood was in 1996 and the water level was so high that our loungeroom was completely submerged – obviously we weren’t living here then, so technically it wasn’t “our” loungeroom but you know what I mean.

The big flood before the last big flood was about 200 years ago though so I’m hoping we have another century or so to go before we really have to start worrying, but I just can’t help but sneak a peak at the water level each time I walk through the house, just in case.