You know your life is pretty boring when the most exciting thing you can think to blog about all week is the fact that you got to pee standing up but as sad and strange as that makes me, I’m excited!

A couple of months ago I was doing some research on female urination devices and after looking at just about every website for these products (who knew there were so many options!) I decided that the one I liked best was the go-girl. I was very excited but then I realised that they didn’t ship to New Zealand from the website, or from Amazon (how frustrating!). I scoured the internet trying to find a way to get the thing delivered to me and in the end decided to contact the company directly and ask them to send me out some samples, preferably in time for our trip to India. And they agreed.

My parcel arrived today! Wahoo!

I was especially happy to see that they included an alternative to the pink packs. I know it’s silly but the whole pink for girls thing really bugs me sometimes, so it’s nice to see they have another color available! Anyway I won’t go into graphic details but I used the go-girl today for the first time and it was great! Who knew peeing standing up would be so much fun! I was a little worried I would end up with pee on my shoes until I got used to the thing but it was really easy to use. The only thing that wasn’t easy was rolling the thing back up to fit back into its little plastic cylinder again. I got there in the end though and I figure with some practice that part will be easy too. Now all I need to do is master using it while on a shaky Indian train and I’ll be set!

LOL. I sound like I’m writing an ad! Just for the record, I didn’t get paid to write this, and the blog entry wasn’t part of the deal for sending the freebies or anything like that! This blog remains an advertisement free zone!

So, any of my readers had the pleasure of peeing standing up? Which device do you use? Any recommendations?

PS: I really wish I had put “peeing standing up” on my 101/1001 list!