So I’ve been MIA since April, but I thought I’d come in and dust off this old blog of mine and see what’s what.

There’s probably too much to write about in detail in one measly little post so here is a dot point rundown of the last 7 months.

  • Spent 4 weeks in Australia
  • Celebrated my Mum’s 50th
  • Watched my Mum get married (and cried)

  • Came home to find our town flooded
  • Got an eviction notice in the mail (owners returning from OS)
  • Had two lovely visitors from Australia en-route to South America

  • Found out I was pregnant (Wahoo!)
  • Moved house

  • Found a homebirth midwife
  • Stifled agoraphobic tendencies and went to the homebirth meetings in town
  • Grieved the death of my trusty iPod
  • Became the fundraising coordinator for the local homebirth group
  • Had a photo selected to be in the 2011 Yes and Yes calendar

  • Signed up for the Canon EOS Photo 5
  • Realised I am not creative enough to do the Canon EOS Photo 5

  • Got a new (secondhand) iPod Touch and fell in love
  • Survived our first Queenstown winter

  • Buoyed by last year’s success – Signed up for NaNoWriMo

  • Panicked about NaNoWriMo
  • Realised I only have 143 days left in my 101/1001 list and have absolutely no hope of finishing everything (I am 6 months pregnant after all)!!

So, that is the update on me!