I’m pleased to say that as of this afternoon I have inspired 4 people to start 101/1001 lists of their own which is pretty great progress since we are less than a week into the proceedings. I’m hoping that I can get to 5 this evening and cross that one off my list for good.

The countdown to day zero started on Saturday and so far I’ve managed to cross one thing off entirely (#44. Organise my blogs – which was completed with the creation of this blog). And I have been able to get a good start on both #40, by watching 3 movies in one sitting on Saturday night, and #60 which I was able to put a mark against when I reached the heart breaking end of “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas” on Saturday afternoon. All in all I’m still feeling very motivated and confident. I’ve even started throwing around some ideas for some of the bigger items on the list which is very exciting.

My plan for tonight is to get my New Zealand road trip CDs made ready for when we fly out for our holiday on Saturday and hopefully get a few more grains of rice off my tally at freerice.com.. all while slurping down some delicious homemade pumpkin soup and crunching on home made bread rolls, made – as usual – by my fabulous husband.