So our stuff finally arrived in Kingston on Friday.. 8 weeks and one day since it was picked up in Sydney. I’ve made some good progress with the unpacking, and this is finally starting to feel like home. I’m especially thrilled to be sleeping in my own bed again, I have really missed that darn bed, which I think is an indication that I am getting old – I remember backpacking through Asia and sleeping in some terrible places without a second thought, these days all I can think about is that crick in my neck and how I want my bed.

I am enjoying being here but I am having some trouble feeling motivated on the 101/1001 front, so I thought I would do something a little different and instead of focussing on what needs to be done on my day zero list, I thought I would make another list, a list of 101 things that I have seen or done or which I am proud of or happy about.. things that were great adventures or I have wonderful memories of. I’m hoping that seeing that list will make me more motivated to work on the things that still need to be done on the other list.. make sense?

Here we go:

  1. Moved to Melbourne and made a whole new life for myself.
  2. Went skydiving – twice!
  3. Married Luke (even though it terrified me)
  4. Had very close friendships with my inner circle
  5. Hosted an ongoing weekly dinner party (Sunday Night Dinners!)
  6. Did a Melbourne – Perth road trip and lived in a tent.
  7. Scuba Dived in the Great Barrier Reef
  8. Visited Angkor Wat in Cambodia
  9. Did a motorcycle tour around rural Vietnam
  10. Moved to New Zealand
  11. Went Bungee Jumping – twice!
  12. Went to the Fire Ball Festival in Thailand
  13. Became a Feminist!
  14. Saw the Plain of Jars in Laos
  15. Went back to TAFE and did my VCE
  16. Did a UniPrep course at UNSW
  17. Got dreadlocks
  18. Pierced my nipples (lol)
  19. Went whale watching
  20. Went to an AFL football game
  21. Rode an elephant in Thailand
  22. Did a Great Ocean Road road trip
  23. Experienced the killing fields in Cambodia
  24. Went snorkelling in Mexico
  25. Got matching tattoos with my best friends
  26. Got matching tattoos with my husband
  27. Saw my godson be born
  28. Watched Rachel and Nick be married
  29. Participated in A&C’s secret wedding
  30. Lived in a crazy party house (twice!)
  31. Participated in a drinking competition (well many, but shhh)
  32. Went horseriding on the beach
  33. Went skinny dipping
  34. Had a surfing lesson
  35. Became a vegetarian
  36. Saw Pearl Jam live
  37. Went to The Big Day Out (a few times)
  38. Saw Ani Di Franco live
  39. Stood up to Elias and left PE when I was being bullied
  40. Saw Counting Crows live
  41. Went on an international business trip
  42. Camped in the rainforest
  43. Mended things with Theresa
  44. Supported Ashleigh when the rest of the family wouldn’t
  45. Gave money so that the SA group could buy a birthing pool
  46. Donated blankets and Mosquito nets to the kids at Umphang school
  47. Wrote to the Talsico sponsor child
  48. Sponsored 2 children at the Umphang school in Thailand
  49. Kept a travel blog when we were backpacking
  50. Sang Karaoke
  51. Took a chance on L
  52. Danced in public
  53. Saw VNV Nation Live
  54. Went to a Grand Silent System Concert
  55. Went to Cirque Du Soleil 3 times
  56. Saw the Phantom of the Opera
  57. Took Mum to see Mamma Mia the show in Melbourne
  58. Saw Priscilla Queen of the Desert in Sydney
  59. Went to the Ballet
  60. Went to an underground film premiere
  61. Saw the Dalai Lama
  62. Camped out for tickets
  63. Went to a Metallica concert
  64. Saw A Perfect Circle Live
  65. Won a sports trophy (first place!)
  66. Stayed up all night
  67. Saw the Franz Josef Glacier
  68. Went to the Baxter Detention Centre protest in 2003
  69. Went to an Anti war protest
  70. Bought organic fruit and veg every week from a farmers market
  71. Submitted an article to Susie Orbach
  72. Wrote letters to the health minister about the Maternity services review
  73. Helped get a pedestrian island built on a dangerous road in Sydney
  74. Made a submission to the marriage equality review in favor of marriage rights for same sex couples
  75. Took my grandmother skydiving for her 61st birthday
  76. Sent Chris care packages when his Dad got sick
  77. Gave up smoking
  78. Photo of the day with my Mum
  79. Went kayaking on the Mekong river in Laos
  80. Volunteering at the Oxfam store
  81. Went caving in Thailand
  82. Supported R during her secret B.A.
  83. Gave anonymously to the homeless person in S.C.C
  84. Took care of my Big Issue Man
  85. Took Mum to John Edward – Twice
  86. The whole Beautiful girl with the long blonde hair story
  87. Painted our car with peace signs and funky designs
  88. Road trips with Mum and Debi
  89. Visiting the Blue Mountains
  90. Paddle Pops in Port Douglas
  91. Started the friend book with Rachel
  92. Floated down a river in an inner tube in a National Park in Thailand
  93. Lived out of a backpack for 6 months
  94. Kayaked through the South China Sea for Outward Bound Singapore
  95. Pulled Nasifah out of the pool when she had been pushed in and couldn’t swim
  96. Made a wish on a shooting star in the desert
  97. Drove across the Nullabor
  98. Made a speech at uni even though I was terrified
  99. Giving out care packages to the homeless kids in Cambodia instead of money
  100. Volunteering at the Youth Refuge for a year
  101. Started 101/1001 and continue to challenge myself

Wow, that was much harder than expected! (I started this list days ago!) But definitely gives me motivation to get back on track with 101/1001 so that next time I try and do a list like this I have a lot more to work with!