So hubby has headed off for a job interview and I’m camped out in our giant bean bag in the loungeroom listening to my favourite songs and waiting for Ben to come online so we can chat.

The job thing is a bit tricky, he is looking for a kind of in between job, next week is the last week at his current job which he quit and gave notice for before we decided that we were going to move to New Zealand, so now he needs to find a job for the time before we move which – once we come back from our holiday – is only going to be 6 or so weeks.

The holiday was also something we planned before we decided to move, but I’m excited about it none the less, we’re flying over to NZ for 10 days. It will be the first time we will see the house we’ve rented in person, which is exciting, and also a little terrifying considering we have signed a 12 month lease and paid a bunch of money for a house we have only seen pictures of. We’ll also get the chance to see some of the sites we didn’t get a chance to see last time we were on the South Island in January. I’m really hoping that we have a great time. We have only been to New Zealand once before and the decision to pack up our lives and move there was a pretty spontaneous one so hopefully the Queenstown area is as beautiful as we remember.

Anyway, instead of sitting here in our giant beanbag and waiting for Ben to come online so we can chat I should really be cleaning our house so that the removalist company to come in and do a survey and give us a quote for the move.. so maybe I’ll go ahead and do that.. before I sign off though, some photos of our NZ house which we’ll be seeing in person in about 10 days: