Last week I did this silly little quiz on facebook called “personality behind the name” where basically you tell them the first letter of your name and it comes back with what kind of personality you apparently have. It was just a bit of a joke really but I have to say that when I got the results I was suitably shocked.

It said: “You are emotional and intense. When involved in a relationship, you Throw your entire being into it. Nothing stops you; there are no holds barred. You are all-consuming and crave someone who is equally passionate and intense. You believe in total freedom. You are willing to try anything and everything. Your supply of energy is inexhaustible. You want to be pampered and know how to pamper your mate. You also enjoy mothering your mate. You often have the greatest love affairs all by yourself, in your head. You are very imaginative.”

It’s all pretty spot on, but it’s that last part that especially gets me, I really do have the greatest love affairs in my head! Every day when I’m walking to work I’m daydreaming about all sorts of fantastical things happening to me. I would be so embarrassed if anyone were to ever read my mind. Mortified even. Daydreaming is how I get through a boring day at work, how I entertain myself on long walks, how I relax and turn off my mind before I got to sleep at night, I am constantly day dreaming about something.

At the moment my daydreams involve a certain American army man, tall and dark and handsome, with a killer laugh and a deep southern accent. *sigh* my poor husband doesn’t stand a chance, how on earth can he compete with my imagination?

Hopefully one day I’ll be able to harness the energy of my greatest weakness and turn it into a bestselling book ala the Edward and Bella romance! Hmmm.. the perfect fodder for my next daydream, roll on unproductive afternoon lol.